Published: 09th June 2008
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Thanks to rapidly rising gasoline prices, there is renewed interest in carpooling. Most carpooling promotions emphasize the saving in fuel costs and reduction in pollution. However, there are far more advantages that are rarely discussed.

Carpooling reduces virtually all expenses related to owing a car. Driving fewer miles reduces insurance rates, maintenance, parking costs, etc. In some cases, a family can even eliminate one of their cars or buy a cheaper car as a result of carpooling.

In areas with high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes, carpooling reduces commuting times. Even a small percentage increase in the number of carpoolers can make a significant difference in traffic congestion in any area with heavy traffic.

Passengers can relax and read or nap instead of increasing their stress levels fighting traffic. The prevalence of portable MP3 players allows passengers to listen to their own music, Podcasts, or whatever they wish as they ride.

Advantages are not limited to the carpoolers, either. Employers also stand to gain from their workers' carpooling.

The ability of passengers to relax on their way to work can result in more productive employees. It can also create more camaraderie among coworkers.

Fewer cars results in less demand for employee parking. This is especially beneficial for employers that lease parking spaces.

Reducing commuting costs allows an employer to recruit from a larger geographical area. Carpooling websites such as MyCasualCarpool.com allow employees to set up park and ride lots where those who have similar schedules and work near each other can find rides and passengers.

RideshareOptimizer.com allows users to find their optimal carpool partner by minimizing the extra driving required to pick up and drop off passengers.

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