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Published: 18th February 2009
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Specialty shoes are a must for diabetics. The health of the foot is crucial, especially in diabetics, as neglected feet can lead to circulation and nerve problems. Shoes designed for diabetics have a specific design targeted to gently cushion the foot and absorb normal, daily wear and tear. Diabetic shoes protect the ball of the foot, the heel, the lower ankle, and the arch of a diabetic's foot. By protecting all of these important areas of the foot, diabetic specialty shoes will enable better blood circulation in the feet.

If a diabetic's feet are not properly taken care of, peripheral neuropathy can result. This causes loss of sensation in the feet. Poorly fitting shoes can lead to this condition. Many specialty shoes for diabetics are wider and deeper than regular shoes, allowing room for special diabetic insoles to be inserted, designed by a pedorthic specialist, to be inserted. Such insoles will help to prevent rubbing and uneven weight distribution, problems that can lead to injuries or even ulcers on the diabetic's foot.

Proper air circulation in diabetic shoes is important as well, which is why many specialty diabetic shoes are made from lightweight materials. They must be breathable, allowing the foot to breathe as well. Many specialty shoes for diabetics are therefore made from lightweight fabrics. Some are even designed as sandals, to maximize the amount of air flowing in and around the foot.

Specialty diabetic shoes usually have no inner seams that could possibly rub against the foot causing injuries such as blisters. If interior seams are present, they will usually be covered so as to prevent rubbing. Other features found in diabetic specialty shoes include a roomier toe space so that toes will not become pinched or squeezed together in the shoe; and an adjustable, sometimes elastic, fit to ensure that the shoe will not slide around on the diabetic's foot.
Specialty shoes for diabetics are not inexpensive.

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