When you Need only One Shoe

Published: 01st April 2009
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When reminiscing about people who have worn one shoe rather than a pair of shoes, a TV movie comes to mind. The movie included repeated shots of one shoe. That one shoe was able to fit inside the hooks on a ski. That movie aired in the mid 1970s, after the end of the Vietnam War. The lead character in that movie played a Vietnam veteran, a veteran with one leg. That veteran learned to ski on one leg, using special ski poles, poles that had tiny skis at the end, the spot where one would normally find a spike.

Perhaps Hollywood writers should think about creating a similar movie, a movie in which an Iraq war veteran struggles through life wearing a single shoe. That veteran could be a male, as in that old made for TV movie, or it could be a female. CNN recently profiled a female veteran who had qualified as a swimmer in the 2008 summer Paralympics.

That old made for TV movie did not touch on the challenges that face a man or woman who needs just one ski shoe. At the time that that movie was written most amputees had to purchase a pair of shoes, whenever they needed just a half pair of shoes. Thanks to the arrival of the Internet, present-day amputees do not need to pay for footwear that they will never use. They can purchase one shoe on OddShoe.

Online shoppers who choose to buy a shoe from OddShoe can get exactly that, one shoe. The website allows online shoppers to pay for only what they need. In addition, the website provides amputees with a way to profit from any collection of unmatched shoes. Amputees can also use OddShoe as a way to find buyers for their extra shoes.

So, if you are an amputee, and if you would like to help other amputees, then use your computer mouse to bring up the listing of shoes on OddShoe Look for a shoe that you could use, one that would fit your foot. Purchase that shoe, and then think about using that shoe to draw attention to the problems that face all amputees.

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